Welcome to our village community, in the northeast corner of the Southern Province of Zambia, where:

  • Sick people often must walk, ride a bike or use carts to reach the nearest hospital. Some die en route.

  • Late rainfall in 2015 caused widespread crop failures of the corn and millet that villagers need to avoid malnutrition.

  • Malaria is widespread and kills one African child every 30 seconds. It is the chief cause of illness and death in our villages.

  • Limited access to water and sanitation facilities, with poor hygiene, is causing skin diseases, acute respiratory infections, and diarrhoeal diseases, the leading preventable diseases.

  • 23 babies are born HIV-positive in Zambia on a daily basis. This epidemic has not spared our villagers.


To quote the Clinton Foundation's Chelsea Clinton, 2013: "In Zambia today, there is one doctor for every 23,000 people, well above the World Health Organization’s recommended ratio of one doctor and nurse to 7,000 people for Africa. As a result, people die from preventable or curable ailments because they fail to get medical assistance in time, unable to travel the long distance to the nearest medical facility. For example, Zambia’s maternal mortality ratio is one of the worst in the world because over half of all births occur at home or with an unskilled birth attendant present."


Of Zambia’s annual health budget, the donor share has been about 40 percent. Health expenditure in 2013 was 2.9% of GDP.


We are a volunteer, faith-based group, formed in late 2015 to help provide access to medical services to the Zalaunga community of 9 villages, of some 7,000 people. These villages are located 10 miles NW of Chirundu on both sides of the Kafue River. 


Basic healthcare can be offered through a Rural Health Center, or Health Post, to be built in Zalaunga Village. It will also serve 8 nearby villages. The villagers have laid the building's foundation and slab, and they are moulding the building's bricks from local resources. But they lack the funds needed to complete the building's roof, walls, windows and doors. 



Your contribution is the critical help we need. You can help bring new hope for survival to thousands of poverty-stricken villagers.


  • Read more about our visions for community development on Our Hope  page.

  • Community services that are needed are described on The Facts page.

  • Acitivites related to development of our villages, including links to relevant documents and web pages, are found on the News page.

  • The Contact  page lists  our project team, and its advisors. This page may also be used to communicate your ideas, your investment requirements, and your comments to us.


 Thanks for your visit!

From the Zalaunga villages of Zambia, it's some 15 km of rough, dusty, rock-strewn dirt track to reach the paved road toward the Mtendere Mission Hospital in Chirundu.  But the 30 km journey is necessary, when a birthing mother suddenly is in critical condition, or when a 3-year old child's malnutrition becomes so severe that intravenous feeding is needed -- or when a crocodile attacks a young man, who might have just hours to live without treatment.